How do I create a time-off request on behalf of a team member?

If the team member cannot apply for time off via Oyster, the admin can create a time off record on their behalf.



  • Go to Team on the navigation panel.
  • Click on Time Off.
  • Click on Create time off record.
  • Fill in all the relevant details. 

An email will be sent to the team member to notify them that a time off request is created on their behalf. 

Learn more about types of requests and leave status here

Note: Even if an admin creates a time off record on the team member’s behalf, the admin must approve the request. 


Past-dated time off

Company admins may request days in the past on behalf of Team Members.

In case you have a different platform integration enabled on the Oyster platform, like Bamboo HR, you will need to log in the past-date time off directly into your integrated platform and it will automatically sync at Oyster.  

If you don't have this ability built into your integrated platform, you would need to turn off the integration temporarily,  apply the time off following these steps, and reestablish the integration once done. 

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