How do I create a past-dated time off request for my Team Member?

Past-dated time off cannot be logged by a Team Member on the Oyster platform. Only a Company Admin, Team Manager, or Oyster support can create a time off record on a Team Member’s behalf.



  • You are a company Admin or Team Manager
  • You are signed in to your account on the Oyster app, as an Admin or a Team Manager



  1. Go to Team on the navigation bar on the left. 

  2. Click on Time off
  3. Click on Create time off record, on the upper right part of your screen.

  4. Locate the Team Member name in the records.

  5. Select the type of time off and reason. Reasons vary depending on what you select under time off type.
    Note: One working day is equivalent to eight hours.
  6. Select the start and end date.
  7. Add any additional information or attachments for your Manager (this is optional).
    Note: Oyster Support may follow up with you to collect required documentation for sick leave requests if not already attached.
  8. Click on Create record button in order to request time off on your Team Member’s behalf.


Important information

  • Any request that has not been approved before the start date of the request will be automatically rejected.
  • An email will be sent to the Team Member to notify them that a time off request has been created.
  • If an admin or Team Manager creates a time off record on the Team Member’s behalf, the request will still need to be approved.
  • If you don't have this ability built into your integrated platform, you would need to turn off the integration temporarily, follow the steps presented above, and re-establish the integration once done. 

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