How do I reject a time-off request?


Admins can review and reject time-off requests instantly. The admin receives an email notification when a team member applies for leave. Admins can reject the time off requests directly within the email or can reject within Oyster.

Here is how an admin can reject a time-off request within Oyster. 

    • Go to People on the navigation panel
    • Click on Time off
    • Find the team member’s time off request
    • Review the Type and Reason
    • Click on Action
    • Reject the request
    • You will be asked to provide a reason for rejecting the request.



To reject via email, simply select "Reject Request".

The team member will be notified via email with the rejection reason. If the admin rejected directly from the email, the rejection reason will auto-populate to "Rejected via e-mail". The team member can also view that the status of the request will be changed to Rejected. 



  • All Oyster admins will receive an approval email, unless a Team Manager has been assigned. Any admin, or the Team Manager, can reject the request in Oyster. 
  • Requests will be automatically rejected if they are not approved before the start date of the request (unless the request was submitted for a past date).

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