What are cut-off dates?

Cut-off dates are the monthly deadlines by which Oyster must be notified of any changes regarding payments to team members to reflect the difference in the effective month. Cut-off dates apply to the following types of team members:

  • Full-time Employees (FTEs)
  • Fixed Contractors

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Changes that are affected by cut-off dates include:

  • Salary changes
  • Pay supplements
  • Benefit changes
  • Expense reimbursements

Salary changes often require additional processing time. If a request is made just before the cut-off date, the request may not be processed in time.

Payment adjustment requests for any given month cannot be submitted after the cut-off date indicated on the Oyster platform Payroll page. Expenses approved after the cut-off date will automatically be added to the following month’s pay cycle.

You will always be able to make payment changes to future months, so if you missed the current month’s cut-off date, we recommend adding the payment changes to the following month’s pay cycle.

If the cut-off date has passed and you want to stop a payment from being made, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but cannot guarantee this.

In general, the cut-off dates are the following:

Cut-off Date

System Lock Time

6th of the month

7th of the month at 05:00 UTC

10th of the month

11th of the month at 05:00 UTC

However, you don't have to remember the cut-off date for your team members. Simply go to the Payroll page on the Oyster platform to see the cut-off date for each one.


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