What are cut-off dates?

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Cut-off dates are the monthly deadlines by which Oyster must be notified of any changes regarding payments to team members to reflect the difference in the effective month.

Cut-off dates apply to these team members:

    • Full-time Employees (FTEs)
    • Fixed Contractors

Changes subject to cut-off dates include:

    • Salary changes
    • Pay supplements
    • Benefit changes
    • Expense reimbursements

Payment adjustment requests for any given month cannot be submitted after the cut-off date indicated on the Payroll page. Expenses approved after the cut-off date will automatically be added to the following month’s pay cycle.


When are the cut-off dates?

Depending on your team member, the cut-off date will either fall on:

    • 6th of the month or,
    • 10th of the month

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Please note the exact times for the cut-off:

Cut-off Date

System Lock Time

6th of the month

7th of the month at 05:00 UTC

10th of the month

11th of the month at 05:00 UTC

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Where can I find the cut-off dates?

You don't have to remember the cut-off date for your team members - simply go to the Payroll page to see the cut-off date for each of your team members.




You will always be able to make payment changes to future months, so if you missed the current month’s cut-off date, we recommend that you add the payment changes to the following month’s pay cycle.

If the cut-off date has passed and you want to stop a payment from being made, please get in touch with support@oysterhr.com. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but cannot guarantee this.