Where can I find my team member's documents?

Oyster saves documents related to your team members under each individual's page. In this article we help you locate Team Member agreements and payslips* on the Oyster Platform.



  • Your Team Member is engaged on the Oyster Platform.
  • You are an Admin user of your company's Oyster account.



    1. Log in to the Oyster Platform with your company admin credentials.
    2. Go to  Team > Team members section on the navigation menu and click on the name of the Team Member you wish to view.
    3. On the Team Member page, click the Agreements tab to find the signed agreements and other relevant documents. The Service Agreement for the Team Member is also there; this document can only be seen by the customer admins.

*Due to GDPR rules, some Payslips are sent to Team Members directly and won't be displayed on the Oyster Platform. 

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