How to terminate a contract with a contractor


You are not required to contact Oyster when considering terminating a contractor. The Oyster platform allows you to initiate termination at any time.



This function is available for Super Admin Users on your company account. 



  1. Log into the OysterHR Platform.
  2. Click on Team > Team members.
  3. Click on the name of the Team Member (Contractor).
  4. On the Team Member profile, navigate to the Benefits tab. 
    Any active benefits need to be terminated. Please contact Oyster Support.  
  5. On the Team Member profile, navigate to the Contract tab.
  6. Clicking on the Terminate Contract button will open a pop-up window, which then allows you to fill out the request form. The form will be slightly different depending on the type of contractor.
    • For FIXED contractors
    • For PAYG contractors

  7. The platform pre-populates the values for the termination date and last payment, however, the Super Admin can update both values. Please note the following:
    • The proposed termination date can be in the past.
    • The last payment amount can be set to zero (0).
  8. Once the form details are completed, click on "Terminate". This will create a termination request.
    •  If the termination date is in the future, the termination will be scheduled as indicated and the contractor will receive an email notification with the scheduled termination details on their dashboard. 
    •  If the termination date is in the past, the termination will be initiated within an hour and the contractor will receive an email notification.

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