How can my company notify Oyster about a termination?

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This article explains how company admins can initiate team member offboarding process on the Oyster platform.



You are required to contact Oyster when considering terminating an engagement or when an Oyster team member notifies you they are planning to resign.

The Oyster platform allows you to notify Oyster about a termination of a team member. This is available for company admin users on your company account. 



  1. Log into the Oyster Platform.
  2. Click on People -> Teams


3. Click on the name of the Team Member

4. On the Team Member profile, navigate to the Employment tab 


5. Clicking on the Terminate Contract button will open a pop-up window, which allows you to fill out the request form


6. Once the form details are completed, select "Terminate". This will send a notification to Oyster Support. The Oyster team will contact you to confirm additional details and explain the offboarding process. Oyster won't notify the Team Member without your approval.


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