How can my company notify Oyster about a termination or a resignation?

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Parting ways with Team Members is never easy, But, for global companies like yours, it can feel especially complex. If you’re thinking ahead and worried about navigating local laws and processes, set your worries aside. We’ve got you.  

As your global employment platform and employer of record, Oyster manages the whole offboarding process for full-time Team Members. Whether it’s a resignation in Brazil or termination in Poland, we’ll make sure it’s handled efficiently, compliantly, and professionally. 

As an Admin, you’ll have the ability to initiate and submit offboarding requests to our team. You’ll also be able to monitor the process at all stages.



Before you get started, the following must be true:

  • You have Admin access to your organization’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.


  1. Log into the Oyster Platform.
  2. Click on Team and then select Team members.




3. Click on the name of the Team Member that you’d like to request offboarding for.

4. On the Team Member profile, navigate to the Offboarding tab.
You’ll be able to view certain information like the Team Member start date, probation end date, and their notice period.


5. Once you’ve reviewed the information provided, you can click Start offboarding request flow. This will open a form where you can provide details such as the proposed offboarding date, offboarding reason, timeoff, severance, and more.

Pearl, your virtual assistant, will guide you through the offboarding request form and highlight vital information such as payroll cut-off date and employment agreement. 


6. Once you've complete the form, click Submit offboarding request. This will send a notification to Oyster Support staff. The Oyster team will contact you to confirm all details and manage the offboarding process. 


Upon submitting the offboarding request, you’ll be able to view the offboarding process highway; which steps have been completed and the estimated times to complete each in-progress and upcoming step.


To learn more about compliant global offboarding at Oyster, please take a look at this related article.

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