Equity Assessment Tool


Offering equity is a meaningful way to help employees feel committed and invested in making a business grow. But how can you provide equity options to international team members?


Your Equity Options

Oyster’s Equity Assessment tool helps you understand if you should provide equity to global team members, and what type of equity (Stock Options, RSU or Cash Plans) makes sense based on where the team member is located. 


For each country, you can:

  • Quickly determine which type of Equity is the most convenient in any country thanks to our Tier classification*
  • Review the compliance and tax implications of providing equity

We rely on our knowledge and a strong partnership with ShareReporter and CMS to gather all this information that help you build a complete, fair, and advantageous Equity package for your employees. If you need advice and want to move further on Equity, we can help refer you to legal counsel.


* Tier classification:

  • Tier 1 (Green): Equity is a good compensation option, compliance requirements are low and favorable taxation
  • Tier 2 (Orange): Understand the key issues before making a decision, there are compliance requirements and tax implications are mixed
  • Tier 3 (Red): Challenging to provide equity in this country, legal advice is recommended and taxation is risky





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