How do Companies set up BACS as a payment method?

Connecting your UK bank account

If you have your bank account in the UK and you pay invoices in pounds (£), this article will help you connect your UK bank account to Oyster to streamline payments. Once you approve an invoice, funds will be automatically pulled from your connected bank account. We will only ever pull funds with your approval.  

Note: This process is only for companies invoiced in GBP with a bank account in the UK. For our US customers you can check how to set ACH Debit here, and for SEPA Direct debit here.


1. First, go to Payments in the navigation menu. Select the Payment method tab and then select Connect payment method:


2. You will then be redirected to a form where you will need to provide:

  • The email address of the person at your company that will confirm the BACS setup. The email will take up to three days to arrive.
  • The sort code and account number of your bank account. 
  • The account holder name and billing address details.

3. Once you click on Set up Direct Debit you will arrive at the confirmation page. Here you can see a summary of the details and an explanation about email notifications. If you need to edit this information you can click on the Modify link on the top right corner. If everything looks good, click Confirm:

4. Then, you will be redirected back to the Payment method page where you will see that your account has been added and it is ready to use. 


In parallel, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided in step 2 with all relevant information about your BACS setup. 

You can also access BACS mandate information by clicking on the three dots within your bank details card (see image above). 

Congratulations!! You have now finished the BACS setup. 


Important note: By default, your bank will support and allow BACS charges. However, we recommend that you share the mandate information with your bank right away, so they are aware that charges through BACS will start happening from now on. This information can be found in your confirmation email as well as by clicking on the three dots within your bank details card(see image above). 

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