How do I make additional payments to my team members?

Additional bonuses, commissions, and other one-time payments

Additional payments can be submitted at any time in the year. They are amounts you want to pay your team members on top of their monthly salaries such as bonuses and commissions. These pay adjustments can be made for full-time employees and fixed contractors. You can add pay supplements ahead of time, up to the end of the current year.

If you wish to add a recurring monthly allowance or increase the team member's salary please, visit How do I process a salary change?


  • You are logged in as a company admin user on the Oyster platform
  • You are making a payroll change for a team member who is hired as a salaried employee or a fixed contractor
  • You are adding a one-time payment, such as a commission or a bonus*


  1. Go to the Payroll page in the navigation menu.


  2. On the payroll page you will see an overview of the estimated payroll amounts for your team members.
  3. To add an additional payment, click the Add payroll change button on the top right corner.
  4. Select who you want to pay, the payment type, and the amount. You can enter the amount in your account currency or your team member's currency.


  5. Select your Payment Schedule. Choose One time if you want to add a one-off payment on a specific month. Choose Monthly recurring if you want to make recurring monthly payments for a specified period of time. You will not be able to make changes to the current month if the cut-off date has passed. The amount should be input in the team member's local currency (based on country of employment).


  6. Click Submit Request and you are done!
  7. Don't worry if you made a mistake or want to make edits. Here is how you can edit or delete a pay supplement.

Important note

After submitting changes to discretionary bonuses as a contract change, you also need to submit a payroll change to support the payment of the discretionary bonus.

In order to make additional payments in the current month, requests must be submitted by the cut-off dates (see: What are cut-off dates?). The cut-off date is indicated on the payroll page for each team member. Example: From the screenshot below you see that to pay Jess Amador a bonus at the end of April, the additional payment must be submitted before the 6th of April. 


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