What is the Expected Invoice Payment Timeline?

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Hyun Cho
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Overview of the Employment Related Payments Timeline

When your Oyster team members receive their salary at the end of the month, these are a few important dates to keep in mind:

Key Dates Description
Cut-off Date: 6th or 10th of the month (see: What are cut-off dates?) Update any additional payments that you would like to pay your team members (e.g. bonuses, commissions, etc.) by this date
around 15th to 20th of the month This is when we invoice you for your team members. This could take longer in case of unexpected issues.
20th to 25th of the month

If you process the invoice on time, your payment will be received during this time so that we can fund the payroll.


You can make payments by setting up ACH, SEPA, or BACS Direct Debit as a payment method. 

25th to the 31st of the month

When the employees are paid



Please note that in some countries Oyster follows a different payroll schedule which will, of course affect the invoicing timeline. Payroll will be locked on the cut-off dates and any revisions will be added to the next month's cycle.