Invoice Process

Hyun Cho
Hyun Cho
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Invoices can be found under the Payments tab on the navigation menu. On this page you can view, download, approve, or dispute invoices.


With Direct Debit

  • Available for companies in the US, UK and eurozone.
  • Your bank account is connected to Oyster
  • Click Approve to create a charge
    • Your bank account is direct debited.
    • Invoices move to the Approved section.
    • The invoice status is "Charge in process."
    • The invoice status updates to "Paid" approximately 2 business days following the date of the charge.

Without Direct Debit

  • Your bank account is not connected to Oyster
  • Click Approve.
    • Your invoice status is "Unpaid."
    • Use the payment information on the invoice to transfer funds to Oyster.
    • After Oyster receives the funds, the status updates to "Paid."

You will receive an email notification anytime an invoice is created for employees or contractors.
All undisputed invoices are auto-approved on the due date, as per the terms and conditions.