What is the invoice process?

You will get an email notification anytime an invoice has been created for employees or contractors.

Invoices can be found under the Payments tab on the navigation menu. On this page you can view, download, approve or dispute invoices.



Bank account connected


This is currently available for customers in the US, the UK and EURO zone.

If you have your bank account connected to Oyster, clicking on "Approve" will create a charge and your bank account will be direct debited. Invoices will go the approved section and with the status "Charge in process". This status will update to paid approximately 2 business days following the date of charge.


Bank account not connected


If your bank account is not connected, after you click approve, your invoice will go to "Unpaid" status.

You can use the payment information on the invoice to transfer funds to Oyster. After Oyster receives the funds, the status will update to "Paid".



Oyster platform will send reminders via email for invoices that are overdue. 


Invoice and payment timeline


For more information on invoice and payment timeline go to:

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