How do I add an Expense Approver?

David Oragui
David Oragui
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When a Team Member submits an expense reimbursement, the Oyster platform sends an email to the relevant approver. By default, the platform sends this email to all Admins unless you configure a Team Manager or Expense Approver.

If you have configured a Team Manager for a Team Member, the Team Manager will receive all expense notifications for their assigned Team Members.

If you would like any expense notifications to go to one person instead of all Admins, you can configure an Expense Approver. 

Note: Even if you have configured an Expense Approver, any Team Managers will always receive emails for expenses submitted by their assigned Team Members.



  • You have Admin access to your organization’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.
  • The Expense Approver has an account on the Oyster Platform.


  1. Go to Settings under Company navigation bar

  2. Click the drop-down next to Expense Approver and choose your approver


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