How do I Add an Admin?

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David Oragui
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Access to the Platform

Maintain the appropriate balance of collaboration and control with seamless account management for your team. Oyster’s global employment platform provides various role levels to securely manage access for all your users. 

A company Admin user has full access to your organization’s Oyster account, including company, candidate, and Team Member data. They also can create users and assign access roles.


  • You have Admin access to your organization’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.


Follow these steps to add a new company Admin user:

  1. Head to your Setting in the left-hand navigation bar.Screen_Shot_2022-06-17_at_11.03.12_AM.png
  2. Click the User management tab. Screen_Shot_2022-06-17_at_11.03.12_AM.png
  3. Click Add role to user or new user.Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_2.36.24_PM.png
  4. Choose the New User option. Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_2.49.32_PM.png
  5. Input your new user’s information, such as their name and email address, then select the Admin option from the drop down menu. Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_2.44.45_PM.png
  6. Click Continue to add the new Admin user to your account. Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_2.37.36_PM.png

Your new user recipient will receive an email invitation to join your account under the role level you selected. 


You can also set an Expense Approver on the same page. The Expense Approver will be the only person in your Company who is asked to approve Expenses. If no Expense Approver is selected, all Company Admins will receive expense approvals.

You can also add the Billing Email Address: this is where invoices will be sent to. If no billing email is set, it will automatically be sent to Company Admins.