How do I approve expenses?

Hyun Cho
Hyun Cho
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Approving Expenses

The Oyster platform makes approving expenses easy and seamless and this is only available for Company admins or the designated expense approval in your company.

Please note that expenses need to be approved by the company before Oyster can process the reimbursement. We recommend approving expenses on or before the cut-off date (also see: What are cut off dates?) so that the reimbursement can be added to the current month's payment cycle.

Please note that in some countries the expense cut-off dates may differ.



  • You must be part of the Expense Approver group on the Oyster Platform.

  • If no Expense Approver is selected, all Company Admins will receive expense approval requests.

  • If you do not have an account, please reach out to Support to verify your information.

  • Your team member is submitting expenses on Oyster. Please note that in some countries we use a third party expense tool called Rydoo. You can reach out to Support to check which tool is used.


  1. Log into the Oyster Platform.

  2. Click on People and then select Expenses.

  3. You are redirected to the expense reports page which shows the current expenses awaiting action by default.

  4. Click on the particular expense to review details as well as confirm the receipts/amounts.

  5. Once you are satisfied, you can Approve the Expense or Decline accordingly.

Additional Information

  1. You can see the approved expenses by clicking on the Show reviewed toggle

  2. You can also search for a particular expense or a team members name using the Search boxes