How do I approve expenses?


    • You must be an Admin or Team Manager.

    • Your team member submits the expense on Oyster (not the third party expense tool, Rydoo. If your Team Members are engaged through Parakar and use Rydoo, see how to approve expenses in Rydoo.).


  1. Log into the Oyster Platform.

  2. In the left hand menu, click on Pay and then select Expenses.

  3. You will see a tabular view of all the submitted expenses. You can search or filter by Team Member or expense name. You can also sort by the expense name, submitted date, status, reviewed date, and target payout date.

    Note: If you are a Team Manager, you will only see expenses for your assigned Team Members.

  4. Click on the particular expense to review details including the receipts and amounts.

  5. Once you are satisfied, click Approve to approve the expense. You must approve expenses before Oyster can process the reimbursement.

    Tip: You can save time by bulk approving multiple expenses. Simply select all the expenses you want to approve by clicking on the check boxes next to each line item, and an option to approve them in one go will appear at the bottom.


Viewing approved expenses

You have two options:

  • To see all approved expenses: click the arrow next to the Status column to bring up the approved expenses to the top of the table. 

  • To see a specific expense: search by keyword and/or filter by team member name.


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