How to enroll Team Members into benefits


You can easily enroll Team Members in any of the benefits directly from the Oyster Platform.

Please note that US employees. Please contact us to initiate enrollment for these cases.


  • Company Admin account on the Oyster Platform
  • Not a US Employee
  • Not a contractor


  1. Go to People and then select Benefits
  2. If you have one or more team members enrolled, your view of the benefits page will show the below information:
    1. Explore Oyster Health takes you to our Oyster Health help article
    2. Benefits assigned allows you to track whether your Team Member is enrolled, has applied or you need to request enrollment on a health benefits plan.
    3. The search box allows you to jump straight to a Team Member’s details
    4. The Oyster Health Plan your Team Member is on
  3. From this view, you can enroll a new Team Member by clicking Enroll benefits

  4. After you have clicked Enroll benefits, you will then be brought to this view where you can select a health plan of your choicemceclip0.png

    Note: Prices are all estimates and is calculated based on their age. If the team member does not have a date of birth on their profile, the price is set to a default bucket
  5. Once you Send request you receive the below confirmation, and the status of the Team Member changes from Request Enrollment to Applied.
  6. Oyster then sets up the health benefits and notifies the team members. 


Additional information

You will be invoiced separately for benefits by Oyster.

You can also initiate enrollment for team members into health benefits during the hiring flow. The team member’s status will appear as Applied on the benefits page.


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