How to Enroll Team Members in Oyster Health


You can easily enroll your Team Members in any of the Oyster Health benefits directly on the Oyster Platform.

Please note that US employees and contractors in Canada cannot be enrolled from the platform. You can reach out to Oyster Support and we will handle that for you.


  • Company Admin account on the Oyster Platform
  • Not a US Employee
  • Not a contractor in Canada


  1. Go to People -> Benefits 
  2. For first time users, you are redirected to the Overview page and you can skip Step 3
  3. If you have at least one team member enrolled, your view of the benefits page will show the below information:
      1. The Enroll button can be used to enroll team members
      2. Benefits settings*
      3. Explore Oyster Health takes you to our Oyster Health article
      4. Modify allows you to change any team member that is enrolled
      5. The current Oyster health plan 
  4. Select the Enroll Button to view your team members that aren't enrolled

  5. Select the Plan needed for the team member and select the Enroll button if you are satisfied with the estimated monthly payment

        • Prices are all estimates and is calculated based on their ages
        • If the team member does not have a date of birth on their profile, the price is set to a default bucket
  6. You receive a confirmation and the Benefits view is updated with the current information 
  7. Oyster then sets up the health benefits and notifies the team members. 


Additional Information

You will be invoiced separately for benefits by Oyster

You can edit the benefit settings that automatically enrolls any team members automatically into the default plan by selecting the Settings toggle on the benefits page

  1. Toggle to enroll new team automatically
  2. Default plan for Oyster Health Global with the below options
        • Standard
        • Premium
  3. Default plan for Oyster Health Canada with the below options
        • Individual 
        • Family
  4. Default plan for Oyster Health Global (additional)* with the below options
        • Headstart (Standard)
        • Standard (Premium)

Oyster Health Global (additional) is an added service for countries not covered by our Oyster Health Global partner. Please reach out to Oyster Support for more information


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