How do Contractors submit invoices?

Note: If you are a fixed contractor, invoices will be auto-generated. You do not need to submit invoices.

You will need to submit invoices if you are a Pay As You Go (PAYG) contractor. Check with your company to understand how frequently they require you to submit invoices. The majority of our contractors submit invoices once or twice per month.

Step 1: Create the invoice.

Navigate to the Payments section of the left navigation menu and select Invoices. Then, select the Create invoice button.

Step 2: Add details.

The invoices will be pre-filled with your information and the company's information. You'll need to add the description, unit price, and quantity. Additional line items with different descriptions, pricing, and amounts can be added by clicking Add item.

Step 3: Submit the invoice.

 When you've added all the details you need to bill for, select Submit invoice. Submitted invoices are shown on the Invoices page.

Invoices are immediately sent to your company for approval and payment. Once we receive payment, we will then pay your invoice. Remember to add a payment method to receive payment.

Note: Please be aware that the due date is the timeline for the company to make the payment and not the expected date you receive the salary. Once an invoice gets approved by your company, Oyster starts the process of collecting payment. As soon as Oyster receives payment, you will be paid out the same or the next business day, and the Estimated delivery date will change from "pending" to a date that will be the expected date to receive the funds.


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