How do Contractors Add a Payment Method or Bank Account to Oyster?

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David Oragui
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To get paid on Oyster you need to add a payment method.


Adding a Payment Method


Open Payments in the left hand menu and go to Payment information. Then click in Add payment method.

You'll be prompted with a menu where you can see a dropdown menu to choose the country of your bank.


In the next step you will be able to choose the currency that you want to receive your money in, and the type of account depending on the country and currency. Note that your bank must support the chosen currency.


Now it's time to add your billing details. Please note Line 1 and Line 2 shall be no longer then 35 characters in total.


Finally, add your banking details. These are bank account holder name, BIC (also known as SWIFT code) and IBAN but can be different based on bank country and currency you've selected. Usually you can access these details in your online banking portal.

Note that if you are going to receive your salary in a currency that is not domestic in your country, you will have to fill out the Intermediary bank details fields. Ask your bank in case you need them.


Now you are all set. This account is considered your primary account if it's the first time you add it and now you are ready to receive payments.


Updating your Payment Method


You can add more bank accounts if you wish. You can do so by clicking Add payment method once again and following the same steps as above.

Then, you can choose what account you want to set as primary by clicking in Make primary. You will receive your money in your Primary bank account.