How do I sign up as a Contractor?

David Oragui
David Oragui
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Before you sign up as a Contractor with Oyster, the hiring Company must fill out new hire information on the Oyster Platform. From there you'll then be invited to Oyster to complete your onboarding.

Note: Today we do not offer Contractors the ability to signup before the hiring company.


Below you can see the Company view. This is where they'll kick off the Contractor signup process.


Once the hiring Company has invited you to signup to Oyster, you'll then receive an email inviting you to signup. It should look something like the below email:


Click on the Join now button will take you to first step to signup. You can either signup with your email address or with Google.



After you click on the Sign Up button, you'll get a second email from Oyster asking you to confirm your account. Click on the Confirm my account link.



This will then bring you to the following screen asking you sign in:



After signing in, you will see the onboarding steps you'll need to complete to finish signing up.