How does the hiring process work at Oyster?




The hiring process at Oyster works like this:

1. After your Company sends us a hiring request, you'll receive a welcome email from Oyster. The first step for you is to review our privacy notice that explains how your data is protected. Next, you send us your personal details so we can get started.

2. We issue an employment agreement between you and Oyster (or a Local Employer partner) to review. We also ask you to review an agreement which protects the Company’s confidential information and releases any rights you might claim on the Company’s intellectual property.

3. After reviewing the contracts, and when you are happy, you can sign them to move forward. Once they are completed, you are ready to start working!

4. You’ll then receive an invitation to join the Oyster platform where you can view your employment documents and payslips.

5. You will receive your first pay check according to the local payroll schedule. You can find out more information by reviewing this page on salary payment dates. 




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