Who does Oyster use as insurance and benefits providers?

David Oragui
David Oragui
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Starting January 1, 2023, we will not support new enrollments into Safety Wing and IMG. We are offering Allianz health for global benefits. Please submit a request to Support with any questions.

  • Oyster partners with Allianz health for global coverage
  • In Canada insurance is offered by Canada Life
  • In the United States health insurance is offered by Aetna and Kaiser and dental, vision, life and disability insurance by Metlife 
  • In Poland health Insurance is by Enel-med, pension (PPK) by Nationale Nederlanden, perk (Sportscard) by MultiSports, and life and disability insurance by UNUM
  • In a small subset of countries we work with other local carriers for better coverage and pricing

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