Can I choose which team members to enroll into benefits?

David Oragui
David Oragui
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If you decide to offer health insurance through Oyster, you must provide the same coverage to all your Oyster team members in the same category.

What is a category: common categories are a combination of 1) role and/or 2) country. Example roles: managers, sales team, software engineers, employees working 30+ hours

Here are some common category examples: all managers, all team members in Thailand, only managers in Thailand, only employees working 30+ hours in Thailand, only software engineers in Thailand.

Why is there this rule: You cannot pick and choose who receives health insurance and who does not. This helps avoid bias towards high-usage users and to keep costs down for everyone.

*Valid reasons for not accepting the insurance by a team member (e.g. they already have their own personal plan) is ok at any time.

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