Does my company need to sign any contracts or agreements?

Yes - when hiring someone through Oyster you must either sign or electronically agree to the following:

  • Service Agreement
    • This outlines the costs of your Oyster engagement. As you know, Oyster employs individuals we call Team Members who render services to you in furtherance of your business. Our costs of employing the Team Member are outlined in a Service Agreement, as you'll see with the Subscription Fee (the cost to access the platform); the Service Fee (the monthly compensation owed to the Oyster Team Member); and Administrative Cost (the monthly costs associated with Oyster's employment of Team Members). You must either sign electronically a PDF copy of the Service Agreement or agree to those costs in the Platform via a check-the-box function. In either case, your signature or platform approval represents your intent to pay for the cost of Oyster's services in accordance with the Oyster terms.
  • IP agreement- You will see this agreement referred to as a Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Agreement ("CIPA").
    • This agreement includes additional provisions to protect your company's confidential and proprietary information; and
    • This agreement ensures that all rights to any intellectual property developed by Team Member are owned by, or assigned to, your company to the fullest extent allowed by local laws.

Finally, please remember that employment agreements will be signed only by Oyster (or in limited cases an Oyster partner) and the Team Member since Oyster is the Team Member's employer. As noted above, our entire engagement which is managed and administered through the Oyster platform is governed by the Oyster terms. Therefore, when signing up for the Oyster Platform, you will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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