Why is my company using Oyster?

Your company has partnered with Oyster to ensure you're employed compliantly, paid easily (across borders), and provided a great employee experience regardless of where you're located.

Most people haven't experienced this type of employment before (using an employment-as-a-service provider), but it's becoming increasingly common, especially as more and more people work remotely. It has been around for decades and is fully compliant with local laws.

There are typically 3 ways that someone can be employed in a country that is different from their employer:

  1. Branch office in the county: You are hired directly as a permanent full-time employee by the local branch office. This solution generally works well for when a company is hiring 5-10+ people in the country; less than that and the costs of setting up the entity plus maintaining the ongoing compliance of the new entity generally outweigh the benefits of employing there.
  2. Contracting: You are hired as a contractor and you invoice the company for your time; this is typically used for fixed-length, project-based work. You would be responsible for securing benefits, paying taxes, social contributions, and any required accounting, etc.
  3. Employment-as-a-Service: This is our model. You are hired as a permanent full-time employee by a local entity on behalf of another company. The local entity deals with payroll in local currency, taxes, compliance etc, but your day-to-day role is with the Company.

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