How do I request an expense reimbursement?

David Oragui
David Oragui
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Here are the directions & timeline for submitting expenses from your desktop.

Did you know that you can also submit expenses from your mobile device? Click here to see how.


1. Sign in to and click Expenses.


2. Fill out the form details, upload the related receipts, and click Submit expense.

- Submit the original receipt even if it's in a different language. Use the description field to provide expense details in English.
- Check that the currency matches your receipt.


3. Oyster will take care of the rest. We will automatically send your expenses for approval to your company. Once approved, you'll receive reimbursement with the next monthly pay cycle.


Companies are advised to review and approve expenses by the cut-off date, either on the 6th or the 10th of every month, for expenses to be reimbursed in the same month. 

We recommend submitting your expenses by the end of the month so that you are reimbursed in the following pay cycle.

  • For example, expenses submitted and approved by January 31st will be reimbursed in the February pay cycle.