How can I request expense reimbursement?

Here's how you can use the Oyster Expense tool

The Oyster platform will help you claim expenses quickly. Go to the Expenses page, fill out the details, upload the related receipts and submit. Oyster will take care of the rest. We will automatically send your expenses for approval at your company. Once the expenses are approved, you'll receive a reimbursement with the next available monthly pay cycle.

You can submit reimbursement requests freely but as a general guideline we recommend submitting expenses by the end of the past month (e.g. January 31st). Companies are advised to review and approve expenses around the 5th of the new month (e.g. February 5th), so that the expenses can be reimbursed during the same month.

Make sure that the currency you select in the Amount section always matches the one in your receipt.

Please note that in some countries the expense cut-off dates may be different depending on the pay cycle.

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