Can you Employ People Who Require a Visa to Work in a Country?

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David Oragui
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What Should I Look Out For?

We will always do our best to employ someone who has a visa - but it is often hard to say with certainty that they can be employed until we have seen their visa and related documents. If you have a copy of the visa, please share it with us as soon as possible so we can check the person's right to work.


What Documents do you Need to Check my New Hire's Right to Work?

If you are looking to hire someone who has a visa, then please ask them to share the following and we can look into their ability to work:

  • Copy of the visa (front and back)

  • Paperwork related to that visa (certificate, attestations, letters, etc)

  • Passport



What are the Potential Issues if my New Hire Already Has with a Visa?

Visas that an employee has previously used to work in a country do not always guarantee they can work in a new job straight away and it may mean a new visa is required. This can mean that someone can only start their new role once the new visa has been granted.


Some of the questions we look at when assessing a visa:

  • Is the visa tied to a company? Some visas say they are not allowed to work anywhere else apart from the place named - and they are not always automatically transferrable to a new employer

  • Is the visa tied to a certain industry or role? In some countries there are certain industries where visas are provided because they are providing labour for industries with a shortage of skills. If the person moves outside of that industry, they may not be able to transfer the visa.

  • Does the visa require a certain level of compensation? Many countries require a certain salary for someone to receive a visa - this is because they want to ensure only "highly-skilled" workers are being provided visas to work



Can you Acquire Visas on Behalf of my New Hire?

Potentially - we have links to accountants and law firms all over the world who can help with this. Come and speak to us and we will see what we can do