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Learn what is covered and how to enroll your team members

Oyster Health Global powered by SafetyWing can provide health insurance coverage to team members in 175+ countries

Note: If you're a team member, you can manage your benefit enrollment by following these instructions.

What is covered?



Pricing is based on a combination of age and location and is inclusive of administrative fees.


🌍 Worldwide*



  • 18-39 years of age: $130 USD / month

  • 40-49 years of age: $200 USD / month

  • 50+ see complete pricing page

*For complete pricing for all age groups and locations please, see here.


Set up your team on health insurance

It's a simple one step process to cover your team. Go to the benefits tab of the Oyster platform and select the covered members and tier.



Coverage Details

Full coverage details about Oyster Health Global can be found in the Handbook linked below.

Oyster Health Global for Companies

Oyster Health Global for Team Members


Enrollment Steps for Team Members

Once your employer has signed the Service Agreement, you'll be invited to your insurance portal and your health policy will start on either the 1st or 15th of the month and backdating is possible up to 30 days.