How is my company’s intellectual property (IP) protected?

How is my company’s intellectual property (IP) protected?

At Oyster, we ensure that there is (and always will be) a proper Chain of Title showing that our Customers are the rightful owners of all IP Rights in Works created by Team Members.

But not all IP is treated the same way, and not every country treats IP the same way; how can Oyster be sure my company will own its IP?

Oyster provides our Customers with a Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Agreement (a "CIPA") that is compliant with local laws around the globe so that any IP created by team members engaged through the Oyster Platform belongs to you to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law. This agreement also includes confidentiality clauses to ensure your company's confidential and proprietary information is fully protected.

Additionally, Oyster's Terms and Conditions ensure that if Oyster obtains any IP Rights as a Team Member's "employer," those rights are immediately assigned to our Customers.

Can I use my own IP Assignment Agreement?

You can! However, Oyster's CIPA has been carefully reviewed and crafted to be compliant with local laws in each country and with our business model. We cannot guarantee that your agreement will be compliant with local laws or that it will properly protect you from co-employment risk. As a result, Oyster will not sign an IP Agreement other than its own CIPA. Any Customer-drafted IP Agreement is solely between the Customer and the Team Member.

Can the Oyster CIPA be changed to apply the law of a different country?

No. The laws of the Team Member's country must apply because the Team Member is employed in that country by an entity located in that country (Oyster's local entity or an EOR) and will be developing IP in that country.

Where can I find more information about Oyster's CIPA template?

Additional information can be found in our CIPA FAQs.

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