What is the Onboarding Process?


Oyster makes it easy to hire employees everywhere and we have simplified the process in six steps.



  1. Submit your New Hire request on the Oyster Platform

      • You provide information about your hire (e.g. their name, role, and salary) directly into the platform
  2. If you would like us to, Oyster can send your new hire an Offer Letter

      • The Offer Letter outlines the key terms about their employment in your team members country (e.g. the salary, holiday, probation period, benefits, etc)
      • This can come directly from Oyster or we're happy to guide you in your conversations with the new hire
  3. With your permission, Oyster contacts your hire, explains how Oyster works and answers any questions that they have

      • Our primary goal with your new hire is we want them to feel comfortable and assured about being hired via Oyster
      • We provide a GDPR-compliant Privacy Notice so they know how their data will be used
      • We ask your new team member to provide information required to be hired (e.g. address, social security number, bank details, etc.)
  4. Agree and sign the Engagement Agreement between your company and Oyster regarding your new hire

      • The Engagement Agreement outlines all the terms of your new hire's employment. It also has the full breakdown of the costs for your new hire (salary, employer taxes and Oyster fee)
  5. Issue and sign the Employment Contract and IP Agreement with your new hire

      • We send the locally compliant Employment Contract to your new hire for review. Once they're happy, we send for signature.
      • You can choose to sign the Intellectual Property (IP) agreement between Oyster, your company and the new hire which protects your IP and ensures it is your company’s sole property.
  6. Send deposit invoice and we set up a monthly payment cycle

      • You will receive an invoice for a one-month deposit for you new hire
      • We will set up your monthly payments which will cover all of your hires on the Oyster platform and billed in the currency of your choice.
      • Your new hire will be set up on the local payroll so that they are paid in their local currency at their regular cadence

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