How do I assign additional payments to contractors during onboarding?

Note: Assigning additional payments is available only for "Fixed contractors" and not for "PAYG contractors" (For more details, see "What is the difference between Fixed and Pay As You Go (PAYG) Contractors?")


It is possible to assign additional bonuses, commissions, allowances, and other payments to fixed contractors:
a) During the onboarding (Details below)
b) After the contractor is onboarded (For more details, see "How do I make additional payments to my team members?")



  • You are logged in as a company admin user on the Oyster platform

Steps to assign additional payments to contractors during onboarding

1) Navigate to Hire → Start Hiring → Hire Contractor and continue populating all forms in the hiring flow


2) In step 3/4, called compensation, select the bonus & commission or allowance type that you want to assign

3) Select the amount and the timeframe, which can be a monthly, quarterly, half-year, yearly, one-time, or in selected months. 


Note: Guaranteed bonuses will be paid automatically. You do not need to add a payroll change to award them. Discretionary bonuses are not paid automatically. You have to grant them via a payroll change on the Payments.  

4) Click Save and continue in the hiring flow; additional payments are scheduled after the person is onboarded. (Multiple additional payments can be added)

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