What is Oyster Intelligence and how can I access it?

Oyster Intelligence is a solution that delivers country-specific insights across the entire employment lifecycle. It is our deep local knowledge and insights covering the end-to-end journey from onboarding to offboarding integrated throughout the platform.


What can I use Oyster Intelligence for?

At a high level, you can use Oyster Intelligence to make informed decisions at every stage of your global employment journey. With up-to-date and actionable knowledge and insights, you can avoid costly mistakes due to non-compliance while attracting and retaining your global talent. 

More specifically speaking, we recommend Oyster Intelligence for:

  • Global workforce planning. In other words, developing a sustainable global employment strategy for your company.
  • Building a business case for global employment backed by real-world data and facts to convince non-HR stakeholders, including legal and finance teams
  • Hiring and onboarding a global talent compliantly
  • Creating a locally competitive employment package including salary, equity, and benefits 
  • Staying compliant across many countries throughout the employment lifecycle

How can I access Oyster Intelligence?

Oyster Intelligence delivers the relevant knowledge to you at the time you need it as you use the platform. By simply using the Oyster platform, you are already getting the benefits of Oyster Intelligence. That said, here are the main features that comprise Oyster Intelligence:

  • Pearl, virtual assistant - Our in-app assistant will surface the knowledge and insights relevant to your specific situation during the hiring as well as the offboarding process. 
  • Global Employment Tools - You can self-serve the knowledge you need for a specific use case on the Tools & Resources page inside the Oyster app. Here, you will find specific tools such as the salary insights tool for local salary benchmarking and the employment terms comparator to uncover local employment rules across multiple countries. 
  • Pearl AI (Beta) - If you have questions about local regulations and are looking for a more conversational experience, try asking Pearl AI, our AI-powered chatbot. Currently in beta, the chatbot is able to answer questions on local employment and remote work regulations across 50+ countries. 


Note: You must have an account with Oyster in order to get full access to Oyster Intelligence. 

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