How can contractors track their work time?


Time-tracking tool enables PAYG contractors to track their work time accurately directly in the Oyster platform. 

Note: This feature is available only for "PAYG contractors" and not for "Fixed contractors" (For more details, see "What is the difference between Fixed and Pay As You Go (PAYG) Contractors?")

Step 1: Set up a timesheet

Navigate to the left navigation menu and select Time tracking. Then, click on Add a timesheet.

Step 2: Fill in your timesheet

Select the month, adjust your work schedule, add your break if needed, review, and then click on Generate timesheet

Step 3: Finalize your timesheet

Take a look at your timesheet for the entire month. Here, you can adjust hours and breaks for specific days as needed. Once you are done, you can complete the timesheet by clicking Sign off timesheet.

If you need more time to edit and review your timesheet, you can keep it in draft mode by clicking Finish later


After signing off a timesheet, you can view your total hours worked in a given month. You'll continue to have options to preview, edit, download, or delete a timesheet.

Note: Your employer can also preview this timesheet. Filling out timesheets is voluntary and at your own discretion.

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