Nov 5, 2023: Oyster API, pay bands, Carta integration, contract quality scores, and more

We are back with another list of exciting product updates. In October, we released 11 new features and updates to existing ones to make global employment easier, faster, and more insight-driven. Take a look at what you can access with Oyster today.




Introducing Oyster API, the gateway to a world of possibility 

Develop custom workflows and apps and improve efficiency with Oyster API for customers.

  • Move data of your hires from Oyster to your HRIS tool 
  • Transfer payroll data to a centralized system
  • Automate expenses and time off workflows

Learn more here:


Benchmark global salaries with Oyster Pay Bands 

Oyster Pay Bands are our proprietary salary ranges developed with Oyster's unique compensation approach. Benchmark salaries with Oyster Pay Bands in our Salary Insights Tool and extend offers confidently. Try it now.


Carta Integration to streamline equity management

Automatically import equity grants made on Carta into the Oyster platform and ensure that your equity grants sync with local regulations. Learn more.


New HRIS integration: Zelt X Oyster

Zelt customers that use Oyster can now sync their Team Members into the Zelt platform to have a single overview of their hired talent. 


Contract quality scores in the hiring flow 

In an effort to help you win and retain top global talent, we are introducing the contract quality score in the hiring flow. This score is an indication of how your selected employment terms compare to local competitive and best-in-class employment practices. Based on the score your contract receives, you can make adjustments on the spot to offer the most competitive offer to your global Team Members.


Downloadable time off reports with all the details you need

You can now download a detailed report with your Team Members’ vacation balances and time-off request history directly on the Oyster platform. The report contains two sections:

  • Time-off requests: a historical record of all types of time-off requests.
  • Vacation entitlements: detailed information about Team Members’ vacation balance.

Time-tracking now available for PAYG Contractors

To help track their work time accurately, contractors can now generate and edit timesheets directly on the Oyster platform. Customer admins will also be able to view timesheets to ensure transparency and accurate invoicing from their pay-as-you-go contractors.

New Oyster Platform Roles

To help you work more efficiently by assigning the right roles to the right people, we added four new essential roles: Expense Administrator, Time Off Administrator, Payroll Administrator, and Invoice Administrator. Learn more about each role or assign these new roles to your team now.


Country employment guides in French and Spanish

To ensure you have easy access to local employment knowledge, insights, and regulations in your preferred language, we have rolled out multilingual employment guides for France and Spain with more countries to come. 

Expense guidance in Greece 

Team Members can now see country-specific expense guidance for Greece in the Oyster app. Pearl, our smart assistant, will display guidance when a Team Member submits an expense, making sure the expenses are compliant with local regulations.


Updates to advanced e-signatures

Advanced e-signatures are now available in new countries—France, Italy, Turkey, Romania, and Brazil. Customers can verify employment and confidentiality agreements, and send out signature requests directly from their Oyster account to their Team Members. This feature simplifies global hiring especially in countries with stricter digital signature requirements. 

Learn more about the other countries we support


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