Greece - Expense requirements guide

An Oyster Greece expense report (attached below) must be completed each month for any expenses that are submitted and approved on the Oyster platform.


Important Guidelines

  • All invoices and receipts for expense reimbursement should be submitted and approved on the Oyster platform with an appropriate description.
  • Expenses without a compliant receipt or an incomplete expense report will be processed as taxable expenses to the Team Member.
  • One expense report must be submitted for all approved receipts/invoices to be paid for the month. Use one line for each receipt/invoiced item on the expense report.
  • For travel-related expenses, the report must be fully completed and refer to the purposes of the travel, i.e., business trip.
  • The correct category must be used on the expense form (see the expense categories tab on the expense report).
  • The currency on the report must be the same as the currency on the receipt. Please do not convert foreign currency.
  • The details of the receipt/invoice must match the expense type and amount on the report.
  • The expense form must be completed in English.
  • If the receipt/invoice is for company equipment, this must be noted on the form and fully explain the purchase (see below regarding receipts for company equipment purchases).



To submit the expense report, please attach via a ticket to support with the subject line:

Greece Expenses Report: TM Name.

This must be submitted prior to the payroll deadline of the 10th; otherwise, the receipts will not be processed.


Receipt Requirements

  • Expenses that are not documented with the relevant receipts/invoices are unacceptable, both
    from a tax and/or accounting perspective.
  • Retail receipts can only be used if the expenses do not exceed the cost of Euro 100.
  • If the cost exceeds EUR 100, a company invoice must be submitted. This must include Oyster’s company name, VAT number, and address.
  • An invoice under an employee’s name/tax identification number (AFM) is not considered to be
    proper documentation, and it will be invalid.
  • Debit card, credit card, or POS machine slips are not proper documentation and are not acceptable from a tax and/or accounting perspective.
  • All purchases of company equipment or supplies must have an invoice, regardless of the amount
    and this must include Oyster’s company name, VAT number, and address (see details above).

Non-acceptable documents

  • Bank confirmations
  • Company expense forms (the receipt and Oyster expense form must be provided)
  • Payment confirmation from a payment terminal
  • Screenshots without a clear statement of purchase
  • Receipts over EUR 100 – an invoice with the Oyster company details must be provided
  • Blurred or unreadable receipts

Acceptable documents

  • Photos or scans of invoices
  • Receipts below EUR 100
  • Online invoice issued in an app
  • Screenshots from in-app invoices


Oyster VAT Information

Address: 10 Solonos Street Kolonaki, Athens Greece, PC 106 73", Greece
Tax ID: 801653940


Important Information

  • All expense reimbursements must meet the rules above.
  • Any expenses not meeting these requirements will be considered salary-in-kind, imposing social security and payroll taxes on the expense, payable by the Team Member.


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