What is holiday carry over?

Holiday carry overs are time off earned by a Team Member which has yet to be taken and can be carried over the following year. The year can be set as a standard calendar or fiscal year, which the employer specifies. It can be any 12-month period based on how the company operates.

Based on the Team Member’s entitlement, leave days would usually need to be taken during each leave year unless otherwise specified. 


What does carry over mean? 

  • Carry over leave is also sometimes referred to as carry forward.
  • Carrying over leaves means that Team Members have the option to retain the annual leave they haven't taken during the current year, by adding this to their allowance for the following year. 


Important information

  • In several cases, holiday carryover is not allowed, and all leave must be taken in the calendar year or lost
  • Some countries have rules about not allowing carry over and if unused the days should either be paid for or lost.
  • Some countries have rules around the statutory minimum number of days that must be taken in one calendar year to ensure employees are getting their appropriate rest breaks. 

To find out about the specific country requirements, consider visiting our Country Employment Guides.

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