4 Oct 2023: Oyster Talent Network, auto-translation, and more flexibility for users


Find and hire skilled talent in days

Introducing Oyster Talent Network. Talent is everywhere but finding the right candidates that meet your needs is hard. Find great talent through Oyster’s diverse group of talent partners and hire, pay, reward, and manage them using Oyster.

Get matched with talent pools and marketplaces, diversity recruitment solutions, talent agencies, and more through 1:1 support from Oyster or get access to a vetted marketplace. Use Oyster Talent Network to fill vacancies, scale functions, hire underrepresented groups, test a new market, and more. 

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Expense guidance for Netherlands and Portugal: Team Members can now see country-specific expense guidance for the Netherlands and Portugal in the app. Pearl will display it when a Team Member submits an expense, making sure the expenses are compliant with local regulations.

Automated agreements are available if you’re hiring in Italy: Documents like the Remote Work Schedule, Confidentiality Agreement, and Restrictive Covenants are now generated automatically when you add a new hire in Italy. This is available in 8+ countries - check the current availability by country here

Auto-translation is available in 8 languages: When submitting a new hire, you can automatically translate job titles, job descriptions, and your company’s area of business into the local language of your choice. The 8 languages supported are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish and Romanian.

Edit details after submitting new hire: After submitting a new hire, you can continue making edits to the team member details up until the agreements have been verified. However, once the agreements are signed, you will not be able to make edits yourself - please raise a support request in order to make changes at this stage.

Team Members in the Philippines can update banking details in the app: Philippines is the latest country we’ve added to the bank account self-serve feature we launched earlier this year. Full time team members can make changes to their bank account details at any time, through the team member app. This brings the self-serviceable country count to 26 countries. Learn more here.

Better visibility into Team Managers and their Team Members: Currently, a Team Manager can be assigned to a Team Member in order to direct time off and expense requests accordingly. Previously, there was no page in Oyster that displayed the the Team Manager and Team Member relationship. 

With the new “Team Management” page, you can clearly see who is in which team and ensure that only the right people can see and act on a Team Member’s time off and expense requests.


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