Poland - Glass Reimbursement Process

Oyster limit for Glass Reimbursement is 400PLN, however there are some conditions you need to meet beforehand:

  • Your pre-employment medical check must include the requirement for you to wear corrective glasses/lenses
    • If that information was not included there, you must re-visit your occupational physician as there must be indication for need of corrective glasses on your medical certificate
  • Provide us with invoice of your purchase
    • Please include Oyster VAT ID on the invoice (mandatory)
      VAT ID (NIP): 77 92 52 44 77
      Address: pl. Andersa 7; 61-894 Poznań

Once you have all the above ready, please complete this form and submit it via ZenDesk ticket, while your invoice must go through expense submission on the platform for your manager's approval. If you were required to do additional medical check please also share in the ZenDesk ticket. Reimbursement will be processed through payroll on regular pay date

Glass Reimbursement.pdf

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