4 September 2023: 🤖 AI chatbot, new equity and offboarding tools, Slack and Zapier integrations

Find below your August updates, fresh off the press! We had yet another eventful month building features to make global employment simple and delightful. We launched not one, but 7 new features, and made many updates to our existing features. ✨ 🚀 🧹

Say hello to an AI assistant that minimizes the knowledge barriers to global hiring, more integrations (Slack, Zapier, Personio!), more knowledge and insights related solutions to help you save days and $$$, a 30-day free trial of the Contractor product, and many other updates! 

🤖 Ask Pearl AI all your global hiring questions

💬 Track progress on hiring, approve PTO. Without leaving Slack.

💰 Calculate taxes for equity events in a few clicks

⚙️ Connect Oyster with 5000+ apps using Zapier

Connect with Personio to sync employee records and time off

🆓 Get a 30-day free trial of the contractor product

🆕 Calculate offboarding costs easily

👀 Compare country-specific statutory terms

📃 Easily make variable compensation changes for contractors

💰 Ensure compliant expense submission


Say hello to your AI assistant for global hiring, Pearl AI 🤖

Pearl, your friendly virtual hiring assistant now has AI superpowers. Meet Pearl AI, an AI-powered chatbot dedicated to minimizing the barriers to global hiring. 

Pearl AI is designed to be your go-to expert for questions about global hiring and remote work regulations in over 50 countries. Ask questions about hiring best practices, local employment regulations such as payroll requirements, taxes, probationary period, benefits. Get instant answers. Save hours and days on research. Ask Pearl.

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Manage your global employment workflows without leaving Slack 💬

With the Oyster for Slack integration, you and your team can get notified and quickly take actions across the employment lifecycle—whether it’s tracking a new hire’s onboarding progress, approving time off, receiving reminders on expenses and invoices, or tracking terminations—all without leaving Slack. Learn More

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Calculate taxes for equity events in a few clicks 💰

Ever found yourself scratching your head over complex tax calculations for equity events to figure out how much you owe? With the Equity tax calculator, you can now simulate your tax liability at any taxable event (grant, exercise, sale, and more) in over 70 countries. Get accurate and up-to-date tax rate information for each country. Try Now.

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Automate your workflows with Zapier ⚙️

Integrate Oyster with 5000+ apps including Asana, Teams, Google Sheets, and Workable in just a few easy steps. Here's what you can use Oyster and Zapier for:

  • Add new hires to onboarding project boards in Asana or any other project management tool.
  • Send the engagement status of your talent–yet to be engaged, onboarded, terminated into Google Sheets, Airtable, chat apps like Teams, or your system of record.
  • Send updates on new, approved, and rejected time off requests to your time off tool, to Microsoft Teams, or to a spreadsheet 

Explore the integration

New HRIS Integration - Personio ✨

Automatically sync and update time off requests and employee records from Personio to Oyster. Say goodbye to manual entries and duplicate records. This integration includes the ability to do automated hourly sync, manual sync, syncing data in the hiring form to quickly start the hiring process, and syncing time off data to manage it from one place. Learn more.

Get a 30-day free trial of the contractor solution 🆓

If you haven’t hired any Team Member using Oyster before, you can now try our contractor solution for free. The free trial gives you the ability to hire, pay, and manage contractors without paying the Oyster fee ($29 per contractor) for the first month.
Not sure how to hire a contractor on Oyster? Here are the steps

Calculate offboarding costs for Team Members in Spain (Beta) 🆕

Looking to offboard a Team Member in Spain? To provide visibility on the estimated offboarding costs, Oyster launched an offboarding cost calculator (beta) when initiating offboarding requests in Spain (more countries to come soon!). 

The calculator provides an upfront estimate of the potential cost of offboarding a Team Member based on the offboarding reason, date, and other relevant information that you supply through the offboarding flow.

Not sure how to initiate an offboarding flow? Check out the steps here.

New countries in the Country Comparator Tool to compliantly employ talent 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

The County Comparator tool now supports the US and Canada. You can use this tool to compare statutory terms in each country you plan to to hire in, including state wise comparisons to roll out compliant and competitive offers. Try the tool

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Easily make variable compensation changes for contractors 📃

You can now edit bonuses and allowances for engaged contractors–whether they are fixed or Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) contractors in a few simple steps. 

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Ensure compliant expense submission with country specific expense guidance 💰

  • Team Members can now see the specific expense regulation they must follow while submitting expenses to ensure compliance
  • The team member platform will general expense guidance and show contextual banners depending expense categories, countries, amounts, etc to ensure compliant expense submission
  • This feature is currently available for Team Members based: Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, France, Turkey. New countries are added on a frequent basis. Learn More.

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