How do I activate my free trial to hire contractors on Oyster?

If you haven’t hired any Team Member using Oyster before, you can now try our contractor product for free. 

The free trial gives you the ability to hire, pay, and manage contractors without paying the Oyster fee ($29 per contractor) for the first month.


How to start your free trial

  1. Sign up for an Oyster account (or sign in if you already have an account and have not hired using Oyster before).
  2. From the navigation, select Hire then Start Hiring.
  3. Select the new hire country of residence from the drop-down menu
  4. From the package selection screen, you’ll be able to select Contractor.
  5. Proceed by filling out and submitting the contractor hiring form to activate your free trial.
  6. You’ll have 30 days to submit additional contractors and have their 1st monthly fee waived.
  7. Once the trial period is over, the Oyster fee will revert back to $29 per contractor / month.

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