Oyster Policies - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Oyster sending me policies?

Policies act as our compass, offering clear insights into our rights, duties, and the desired work atmosphere. Occasionally, we may update them but in response to legal requirements or changes in a specific country. It's our way of keeping everyone informed. In essence, adhering to these policies is mutually beneficial. They empower us by providing a comprehensive understanding of our rights, legal provisions, and the company's expectations while ensuring Oyster remains compliant and well-organized. This simple action ensures that you are aware of the policies and are aligned with our organization's values and expectations.

What is a policy?

In short, policies represent "why" Oyster does something in a certain way. A policy is a statement of management philosophy and direction, established to provide guidance and assistance in the conduct of Oyster affairs.

What happens if I don't accept the policies?

By acknowledging and accepting our policies, you confirm your awareness and alignment with the values and expectations of our organization. In the event of any delays in accepting the policies, we will send you reminders, and if necessary, notify the client you are associated with. It's crucial to note that Oyster reserves the right to determine appropriate penalties, including but not limited to termination, for failure to comply with any active Oyster Policy. Your understanding and adherence to these policies are fundamental to maintaining a harmonious and compliant working environment.

Are there other policies or resources I should be aware of?

In case you need to travel for work, please also check out the Employee Travel Policy Overview. In addition, the Oyster Trust Center provides all of the information you need to feel empowered and secure when interacting with Oyster.


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