Can I delete my information?

In most cases, yes, you can request that Oyster delete your information (or your company's information). Here's how:

  • To see what information Oyster holds about you, the information is always available to you on the Oyster Platform.

    To formally request to access or delete your information under the GDPR or any other Data Protection Law, submit our Privacy Rights Request Form.

    Deletion Limitations

    If you are a current or former Oyster Team Member or Contractor, we may have a legal or contractual obligation to retain certain information about you. If you submit a request, we will complete the request to the fullest extent we are able to do so in compliance with such requirements.

    Oyster generally cannot accept Privacy Rights requests from Customer Companies to delete the information of current or former Team Members or Contractors because such rights belong to the individual data subjects. Read more on the For Customer Companies tab below.

    • To request the deletion of your Customer profile, please contact your assigned Oyster representative or contact Oyster support. Before doing so, though, we ask that you review the following scenarios:

      If you do not have a signed Service Agreement with us:

      • We can accommodate your request in full.

      If you do have a signed Service Agreement that is active:

      • We cannot delete or otherwise deactivate your company profile because we need to maintain your account to provide our Services under the Service Agreement.

      If you do have a signed Service Agreement that has been terminated and...

      • have not yet engaged any Team Members or Contractors:
        • We can generally accommodate your request by removing administrator data and deactivating your company profile.
        • However, because we have a contractual relationship, we need to retain your company profile on our Platform.
      • have engaged Team Members or Contractors:
        • We can partially accommodate your request:
          • Delete your customer administrator information.
          • Deactivate your company profile.
        • Team Members will retain access to the Oyster Platform, and some of your company profile information may remain visible as part of their profiles.
    • If you do have a signed Service Agreement with us:

      • The Team Member or Contractor is not yet engaged through the Oyster Platform:
        • We can generally accommodate those requests. Please contact your assigned Oyster representative or contact Oyster support.

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