🇵🇱 Poland - Local Benefits, Team Member Overview


Oyster’s local benefits package provides you with top-class benefits specifically tailored to your country and your needs. 

Coverage Highlights

Some of the coverage highlights include:

  • Excellent service from top providers in Poland.
  • Faster claim experiences.
  • A dedicated app to book appointments.
  • Dependent coverage (at an additional charge).
  Essential Tier Competitive Tier Best-in-class Tier
Private Health insurance x x x
Life & Disability Insurance x x x
Sports Card   x x

Benefits providers

Oyster works with top local providers in Poland who understand the market and offer reliable service.

Private Health insurance

Life & Disability Insurance


Perk | Sports Card


When do my benefits start?

  • The coverage start day is the 1st of the following month after your successful hire, regardless of the hire date. 

Are my dependents covered under my health insurance plan?

  • Yes, your dependents can be covered if your employer selects to do so. If selected, the cost for dependents will be 100% incurred by the company. 
  • Please note you, as the Team Member, cannot cover the cost of the dependents out of pocket.

Are these benefits taxable in kind?

  • While your employer covers 100% of the benefit value, the benefit-cost is considered a taxable benefit in kind.

Is a physical card provided for the Sports Card perk?

  • No, MultiSport only offers a digital card. You will have the comfort of accessing all sports objects/venues using your digital card in the mobile app.


If you have further questions regarding your benefits package, please contact Oyster Support, where our dedicated Support team member will assist you. 

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