26 June 2023: HRIS integrations, Salary insights tool, new hiring automation updates


Salary insights tool is now available in Beta for all customers 🤑

Say goodbye to the struggle of determining salary figures for specific roles, levels, and locations. With this self-serve tool, you can instantly access low, mid, and high salary data. It's your key to creating competitive offers that attract top talent and effectively bridging pay gaps.

Please note that the tool is only available in certain countries, with more to come. Take advantage of this opportunity and be sure to stay tuned for updates! Give it a try!


New HRIS integrations: Workday, BambooHR time off ⏰

With the new Workday and BambooHR (time off) integrations, time off requests will be synced automatically to Oyster, including any updates to existing time off requests. You can also auto sync essential fields such as name and job title from these HRIS platforms to Oyster's hiring form. This streamlined process expedites the hiring process and ensures accuracy, freeing up valuable time for more impactful work. Additionally, you can auto update relevant details in Oyster after the employee is engaged, ensuring that your records are always up-to-date.

Find the set up guide for Workday here and BambooHR here.

Notification preferences 🚨

Admins, team managers, and team members can now control what notifications they receive from Oyster for categories such as onboarding, expenses, time off, and more. The notifications will be sent via email or through the inbox in the Oyster account (bell icon in the top right corner) or both. 



Country specific expense guidance for Team Members 💰

  • Team Members are now able to see the specific expense regulation they must follow, when submitting their expenses on the Oyster platform. 
  • This features is currently available for Team Members based in these three countries only: Poland, France, Turkey. Learn More.

New hiring automation updates ✨

  • Automated agreements are now available if you’re hiring in France. The other countries that automated agreements are available in include UK, India, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and Netherlands. Learn more about Automated agreements
  • Meet Oyster hiring templates. Choose from premium, customary, and essential templates with pre-filled variables for vacation, probation, and more to always send out compliant and competitive offers. This is currently available in 30+ countries. Try today
  • Customer admins can now add details of authorized signer for agreements from the hiring flow. The signer can also be added as a default signer for all new hires, reducing manual admin work. See below 👇🏽


Simplified onboarding experience for Contractors 🧹

Contractors can now self-onboard themselves easily with a clean, intuitive experience that guides them through the onboarding process. A new optional “Payment method” field is also added to the onboarding flow to gather all the information and reduce any back and forth with contractors on payments. Learn more

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