How do I set up my notification preferences?

Admins and team managers can control what notifications they receive from Oyster. The notifications will be sent via email or through the inbox in your Oyster account (bell icon in the top right corner) or both. Opting in and out of notifications is simple and quick. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Go to Profile → Notifications if you're a customer admin




If you are a team manager
, you can access Notifications from Setting --> Notifications 

Step 2: In the Notifications page, you will see eight different notification categories that include expenses, invoice, onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, and more 


Step 3: You can opt in for notifications by simply moving the toggle to the right 


  • Some notifications will be marked as required and it’s not possible to opt out of them. This is to ensure that you stay on top of critical updates. 


Note: You can also access Notifications preferences from Inbox → Preferences or by clicking on ‘Manage preferences’ from the footer of the notification emails you receive. 




And you're done!

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