How can I submit a past-dated time off request?

The Oyster platform is configured to accept current or future-dated time-off requests. An automation has been put in place to reject past-dated time-offs as this impacts payroll and needs to be processed within cut-off periods.





A Team Member cannot log past-dated time off on the Oyster platform. Any requests not approved before the start date of the request will be automatically rejected. Only a Company Admin or Oyster support can create a time off record on their behalf. 

  1. Share the correct dates, reason for the time-off, as well as the documentation (when required) with your Team Manager or any Company Admin.
  2. Request your Team Manager or Company admin to add the request on your behalf. They will be able to find guidance to proceed in our Help Center article How do I create a time-off request on behalf of a team member?
  3. Once your time-off request is filed and approved by the Company Admin, you will receive a notification via email.

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